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ConsumerReview is a network of leading web sites focused on niche market segments and driven by user generated content. Our sites currently fall into three broad categories: Consumer Electronics, Sports & Recreation and Automotive.

Since 1996, we have been a leading source of trusted buying advice for consumers in each of our market segments. Our network of properties are highly influential within each market segment and are trendsetters for standard and value. Each one of our sites creates a social network where a collective wisdom is continuously generated by contributions from our consumers and editorial staff. We provide features such as product reviews, editorial reviews, how to guides, price comparison, discussion forums, classsified, news and event coverage, among others, in each of our sites.

Each property in the ConsumerREVIEW network delivers an invaluable exchange of ideas and opinions ranging from experts to enthusiasts to casual users that reflect exactly what consumers are looking for in their everyday usage and decision making processes.

audio car computing
Read consumer and editorial reviews on audio, video and home entertainment products plus discussion forums, price comparison shopping and more. Read consumer and editorial reviews on new and used cars plus pictures, discussion forums, MSRP, street pricing, price quotes and more. Price comparison shopping and consumer reviews on anything computer related, such as desktop PCs, notebooks, laptops, PDAs, accessories and more.
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golf mtb outdoor
Read consumer reviews on golf products and golf courses plus discussion forums and hot deals on equipment. The best mountain biking site on the web by far! In depth coverage of products, trail reviews, discussions, pictures, videos, classifieds, bike shops and more. Snowboarding, Skiing, Fly Fishing and Camping are the highlights of this site. Shop for gear and share your reviews.
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roadbike photography video
Serious about road biking or want to learn more? Road cyclists exchange information, product reviews, and health tips. Read consumer and in depth editorial reviews on digital cameras, price comparison shopping, discussion forum, photo galleries, "how to" guides and much more. A site for the casual photographer or an industry professional. This site covers all the latest console games and developments for the video game enthusiast.
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