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ConsumerREVIEW.com is the leading source of trusted buying advice for enthusiast sporting goods and consumer electronics. Visitors come to learn, interact and buy or sell the products showcased within our communities.

Find the products you're interested in, read reviews, participate in discussions about these products, and find places to buy them online. Founded in 1996.

Audiophiles exchange product reviews, tips and their passion for audio.

Read reviews on cars and learn about upgrades and car audio.

Reviews on computers, PDAs, and all things high tech can be found on this site.

Golf equipment and golf course reviews. Discussions and hot deals!

Product reviews, Trail reviews and discussions. The best mountain biking site on the web.

Snowboarding, Skiing, Fly Fishing and Camping is the focus of this site.

Road cyclists exchange information, product reviews, and health tips.

Digital photography enthusiasts will benefit from this site.

Photographers world wide exchange product reviews, and photography skills.


This site covers all the latest console games and developments.


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