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Company Mission
ConsumerREVIEW.com is the leading source of user-generated buying advice for outdoor sporting goods and consumer electronics. Consumers visit to learn, interact, and buy or sell the products showcased within our network of web communities, including sites like AudioREVIEW.com and MtbREVIEW.com. Users find the products they are interested in, read and write reviews, participate in discussions, compare prices, and shop online. ConsumerREVIEW.com business services include e-commerce, Internet advertising, content licensing, and user-to-user classified market listings.
User Services
  • Product information, enthusiast user reviews, shopping
  • Community discussion boards, photo galleries, news
  • User-to-user classified marketplace across all sites
Partner Services
  • e-Commerce, price comparison, online shopping, merchandising
  • Internet advertising, sponsorships, promotions, marketing
  • Content licensing, integrated reviews and shopping, more
Community Network
AudioREVIEW.com CarREVIEW.com
PCGameREVIEW.com VideogameREVIEW.com
ComputingREVIEW.com OutdoorREVIEW.com
MtbREVIEW.com RoadbikeREVIEW.com
PhotographyREVIEW.com GolfREVIEW.com
Invenda ConsumerREVIEW.com is a business unit of Invenda Corp., a leading provider of digital marketing technologies, services and online media properties. Each of Invenda’s current business units provides state-of-the-art technology and services in the fields of digital marketing and advertising. Invenda consists of three business units: consumer generated content unit: ConsumerREVIEW; integrated consumer relationship marketing unit: Collabrys; and interactive promotions unit: E-centives.To learn more visit: www.invenda.com.
Products & Services
  • Interactive Database Marketing System
  • E-mail Marketing System
  • Promotions System
Professional Services
  • Strategic Consulting & Program Management
  • User Experience Design & Development
  • Analytics & Data Mining

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